Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Starting a business seems like an impossible task. It’s something that comes across on a weekly basis to many people. Sometimes its during a conversation with friends or during a moment of inspiration. The “what if” starts to dominate you with endless possibilities but that excitement quickly vanishes as you begin to question yourself.

The questions can be endless and most of them are the result of lack of confidence when it comes to execution. Either you start researching about the industry and get discouraged about the competition, capital and logistics or the thought of leaving a stable job seems to crush your optimism.

Don’t Jump Straight To Your Business Idea

Before you get too excited about a business idea, figure out why starting a business makes sense for you.

For example, while I was working my corporate job I became obsessed with entrepreneurial books and podcasts. It was motivational and gave me hope that I could eventually live a similar life to what these informational content materials were giving me.

It was then that I started to think about multiple business ideas to hopefully get me out of the 9 to 5. What I didn’t realize is that I was becoming overwhelmed by the pressure and amount of work I put on myself. I had no focus on one single task!

Get to Know Yourself

After not making any progress on the million different business ideas and still being frustrated with my 9 to 5, I started to apply to different jobs. After several interviews, I had a job offer for a significant higher pay than my current job and it was at that moment that I realized what I truly wanted.

What I was after, no corporate job could offer me. I wasn’t searching for a higher pay or manager positions. I wanted freedom and flexibility with my work schedule.

Clear Path to Starting a Business

Once you are 100% confident that starting a business is your next move, use that confidence to keep you on track. You’ll need a timeline of events you need to reach in order to get closer to your goals. In this timeline, you’ll include checkpoints, tasks and milestones. It’s as if you are your own project manager.

This timeline will help you understand what all needs to be done in order to achieve a certain outcome. It will help reduce anxiety and stress. Most importantly, it will be the guiding document through your journey from employee to employer.